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Artificial Intelligence Webinars

Artificial Intelligence Webinars

By israelipanda

The Digital Development Unit of the Information Society Department puts together a progression of online classes on the effect of digitlal on common freedoms, a vote based system and law and order, on the side of drives by Council of Europe areas. These online courses are a chance for specialists from various foundations to meet and examine issues connected with the advanced change of society.

The AI & Law series, co-coordinated by the Council of Europe and the University of Strasbourg (UMR DRES), are customary gatherings open to a wide open, public chiefs, authorities from worldwide associations and public organizations and scholastics, whose point is to quantify the stakes of subjects at the boondocks of computerized procedures and the act of regulation.

The Digital Development Unit of the Information Society Department is likewise recording a progression of online classes (Digital Development Online Events) featuring Council of Europe drives tending to difficulties coming about because of the digitalisation of individuals’ lives. These online classes are a chance for intrigued crowds from various main subject areas to meet and talk about potential open doors and dangers rising up out of the computerized change of social orders, and specifically the effect on basic freedoms, a majority rule government and law and order.

The Meetings International puts together online classes all over the planet on all software engineering subjects including Artificial insight and its connected fields. Online course on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be facilitated on August 23, 2020 in London Time Zone(GMT+1). Here we are glad to welcome all Artificial insight/Industrialists/understudies to join our online course. This online class welcomes every one of the specialists and scientists from the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics area all around the world to go to our online course which will be hung on August 23, 2020. This online class incorporates Keynote introductions, Oral discussions, Poster Presentations and Video Presentations.