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Gazprom-Media produces digital media solution

Gazprom-Media produces digital media solution

By israelipanda

Gazprom-Media Digital (GPMD)

A company that sells advertising, switched to Mail.ru’s advertising management system. Previously, GPMD utilized the Yandex-specific platform. According to “Vedomosti,” the technological program RB Videomatic, to which GPMD switched, targets socio-demographic data and user interests in addition to collecting and processing data from the social networks “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki.” Previously, Yandex and its AdFox platform were the company’s partners, at a cost of $11.3 million to the domestic search service.

Video Ads

In terms of working with video advertising, VAST 2.0 and VPAID, RB Videomatic supports international standards that have been certified by the European Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Working with video content is described in detail in these standards. Additionally, you can precisely display content that is appropriate for a particular region thanks to the capability of demographically targeting ads.

Keep in mind that the capacity to purchase video advertising based on user interests and socio-demographic segments is the primary distinction between RB Videomatic and competing platforms. As a result, advertisements are displayed among users who fit the current advertiser’s target audience. Simultaneously, client information from interpersonal organizations collected by the stage is one of the most reliable apparatuses for calibrating promoting impressions. “We will be able to significantly increase the accuracy of advertising campaigns placed on the GPMD network in the target audiences set by advertisers,” commented Natalia Dmitrieva, CEO of Gazprom-MediaDigital.

Dmitry Sergeev, Deputy General Director of Mail.ru Group, stated, “We also plan to launch sales of very popular mobile video advertising through its SDK, which is a software package that allows you to embed advertising messages in applications for mobile devices.”

The market for video advertising reached 4.6 billion rubles last year, according to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia. This growth ranges from 35 to 40 percent.

The company began using a television-like model to implement targeted contacts with the audience (eTRP, a term proposed by Dentsu Aegis Network). The brewing company SUN InBev was the first advertiser to launch a campaign for the new model.

The new gazprom-media digital (GPMD) product is intended for advertisers who concentrate on running combined advertising campaigns that incorporate video and TV advertising simultaneously. You can standardize the reporting of campaigns that use the TV+Digital formula with this proposal. GPMD assumes guarantees for the actual delivery of advertising impressions to the intended audience by entering the transaction.

The TRP indicator, which was measured as part of the project to study the Russian Internet audience Web Index of TNS Russia, serves as the foundation for the mechanism. To quantify the interest group, the TNS pixel is introduced on promoting materials, then, at that point, following the consequences of the mission, the dealer transfers the real worth of the TRP and, zeroing in on it, shuts the exchange spending plan. The cost is recalculated based on the actual collected TRP indicator for campaigns that do not achieve more than 15% of the planned indicators prior to placement. The customer is not responsible for the redelivery if the anticipated volume is exceeded. The technological platform RB Videomatic, which was developed and is owned by Mail, serves as the foundation on which the system operates. Ru Group, making use of its user data. The product is available from GPMD’s entire inventory.

The first advertising campaign for the new model featured the SUN InBev-owned brands “Siberian Crown Non-Alcoholic” and “Bud Alcohol Free”. The project, which began with the resources of the GPMD portal pool and lasted until the end of October, was developed in collaboration with the advertising company Dentsu Aegis Network.

According to Sergey Korenkov, Business Development Director at GPMD, “the combination of the widest coverage that television provides, with the possibility of targeted impact on individual audience groups, brings TV+Digital advertising campaigns to a new level and makes them much more popular.” – In point of fact, we promptly fulfilled the request of media agencies and customers awaiting such a product. GPMD will now allow everyone to switch to the new model while the product is being fixed and improved.”

Maxim Osipov, Managing Director of Dentsu Aegis Network Russia, states, “Our key task is to ensure the most effective contact with the consumer, which involves the use of the most advanced media communication technologies.” – The gathering generally gives extraordinary consideration to the improvement of new items with driving players, and we have an arrangement of executed projects with television dealers and Web players. Television and digital media currently define the market, and we are pleased to provide our advertisers with the most cutting-edge business solutions.”

Based on the coverage of the advertising inventory of the GPMD and ivi network from 01.10 to 15.10.2017 by according to Mediascope Russia 100+, audience 12-64, the weekly COVERAGE of the GPMD video network will increase by 12%, and the daily COVERAGE will increase by 14% thanks to the ivi connection. At the same time, weekly coverage among female viewers aged 18 to 44 will increase by 14% and daily coverage by 19%. Weekly coverage of the entire 25-44-year-old demographic will increase by 12%, while daily coverage will increase by 16%. Advertisers who are looking for a group of people who are financially stable are the most popular users of these segments.